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This Week’s Market Report!

Each week the Title Company of the Rockies supplies us with a weekly Market Report! They are a great way to understand current market conditions and take a look at how your listing fares in relationship to various measures. Find out the averag...

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What to do in the Event of a Wildfire Evacuation

TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY WHEN WILDFIRE STRIKES When immediate evacuation is necessary, follow these steps as soon as possible to get ready to GO! Evacuation: What to Take and Do: 1. Review your Evacuation Plan Checklist. 2. Ensure your Eme...

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Happy Independence Day!

How will you be celebrating Independence Day? There are so many great family friendly activities happening in our area this week, Here are just a few! Activities in Rifle: Tuesday July 3rd, 2018 7pm to 10pm: Independence Eve Celebration Hos...

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10 Common Real Estate Questions Asked by Homebuyers

Read on to know more about the 10 most common questions that homebuyers ask their real estate agents: 1. Should I buy or rent a home? The first question that homebuyers usually ask is whether they should buy or rent a home. While renting ...

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This Week’s Market Reports are in!

Click on the individual links to view a detailed PDF report for houses and condos sold in your area for the week of May 9th, 2018! You may also use the search bar in each report to search a certain area! Reports provided by Title Company of the...

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The Hidden Costs of Selling your Home

When sellers start to look at selling their homes, many don't take into account the hidden costs. Your home's value, where you live and the condition of your home can drastically affect how much you can expect to pay to sell your home. Some of ...

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Spring is in the Air!

Is your home ready for Spring? Here are some helpful tips to prepare your home for the Spring & Summer Months! 1. Clean your Gutters: Grab some gloves & a ladder, Begin to Remove as much debris with your hands as possible then remove any ext...

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Market Reports

Reports are In!

  Thanks to the Title Company of the Rockies we receive a market report developed by Altos Research called the Market Action Index. New Castle Market Report    slight seller's market Carbondale Market Report    slight buyer'...

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