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Want or Need Trees?

Seedling Tree Program for Rural Landowners The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) has the seedling program which lets farmers, ranchers, and other rural landowners get trees at a nominal cost. The goal is new forests, natural windbreaks tha...

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Loan Approval Letters

Can Help You, or Hurt You Real Estate agents ask buyers to present a loan approval letter with their purchase offer in order to prove the buyer is serious about buying and actively seeking loan approval. The letter itself is not a guarantee ...

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Local Real Estate on the Rebound

Buy Now before Prices go Up The overall market expanded in March by about 37% for both listings and sales, and even though the year to date sales themselves were lagging behind, steady increases were seen month to month in 2014 according to...

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Time to Sell Your Property? 5 Questions to Ponder

Should I sell? Should I Wait? According to the news floating around the country, real estate prices are rising and housing is on the upward swing. In some areas, it’s actually booming. So if you have been doing the “Should I sell? Should...

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New Mortgage Rules in 2014

With new mortgage rules taking effect this year home buyers may find some new challenges in getting their mortgages. Lenders now have additional restrictions to make sure borrowers will be able to pay their mortgage. Some of the new rules wi...

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Garfield County Market through December 2013

According to the Garfield County Market Analysis, December 2013 saw an increase of $36,496,800 in dollars which brings us up 29.5% from December 2012. Total transactions for the month increased 18% over last December. Glenwood Springs led th...

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Banks are Lending But Not Enough

Banks aren’t lending enough for their own good according to Pat Dalrymple, who has spent almost 50 years in mortgage lending and banking in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. In a recent article in the Post Independent, Pat states banks ...

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5 Things Home Buyers Find Important

We humans are a diverse species and each of us has our own little things we think are important, even if they aren’t important to others. Even when buying a home we are all very individual in what we want, but we can generalize on some of the...

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