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Silt Colorado

Enjoy our new brochure on Silt, Colorado and see all of Cheryl&Co's Silt listings.      

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Parachute/Battlement Mesa, CO

Parachute, CO and Battlement Mesa, CO Driving west on I-70 with Rifle in your rearview, halfway to Grand Junction you will come to Parachute and Battlement Mesa, across the river. Where the Colorado River meets Parachute Creek, 1100 people...

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New Castle, Colorado

Welcome to the  Cheryl&Co information booklet about New Castle, Colorado.  New Castle is a haven for families, outdoor enthusiasts and retirees.  The Colorow hiking trails, new mountain bike trails, and roads that lead to the wilderness...

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Grand Junction, CO

Info courtesy of It is hard to put down in writing what a vibrant, vital and unique place Grand Junction is. What you have before you is this city “by the numbers.” But numbers often don’t tell the whole story. Du...

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Palisade, CO

Palisade- Photo Credit: Info courtesy Known as the Peach and Wine capital of Colorado, Palisade is perfectly nestled along the Colorado River as it emerges from DeBeque Canyon and wedged between mag...

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Carbondale, CO

Info courtesy Located 170 miles west of Denver and 30 miles from Aspen in the heart of Colorado’s central Rocky Mountains, the picturesque town of Carbondale was first occupied by the Ute Indians, then by silver prospect...

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Glenwood Springs Christmas

Glenwood Springs, CO

Info courtesy of For thousands of years, people have recognized the restorative powers of water. Sure it can quench your thirst, but when the earth heats it up, like it does in Glenwood Springs, Colora...

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