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15 Of The Best Things To Give That Aren’t Things By

When the holidays roll around, it’s normal to want to give your loved ones plenty of gifts. But, sometimes, the best gifts are a little different and incredibly memorable. For instance, here are 15 of the best things to give that aren’t really things at all.

Your Time And Attention

We’re all leading wildly busy lives, which is why sometimes the best gift we can give our loved ones is our time and attention. Spend an entire day playing with your kids. Spend a few uninterrupted hours really listening to your partner. Or schedule a night out with your friends.

Your Skills

Are you great at baking? Perhaps you have a knack when it comes to woodworking. Think about whatever skills you have to offer and pass that talent on to someone else in your life.

An At-Home Spa Day

Pamper someone in your life with an at-home spa day. A facial, a massage, a nice long bath, and perhaps a DIY manicure (as well as a pedicure?) are all you need, but feel free to throw in a few extra luxurious touches along the way.

Naps And Sleeping In

Most of us know someone who always has to wake up bright and early, whether it’s to tackle a demanding job or get the kids off to school — or both! Give them the gift of a few extra hours of sleep in the morning or an occasional nap by taking on their duties, and they’ll surely appreciate it.

A Special Playlist

Back in the day, people used to make each other mixtapes as a thoughtful gift. You can do something similar — and just as meaningful — by creating someone in your life a playlist of all of their favorite songs or tunes that are special to the two of you.

A Professional House-Cleaning

Give someone in your life the gift of a clean home. Arrange for a professional cleaning service to visit and give their entire house a good sweep and a deep scrubbing.

Dinner Subscription Box

Along with giving someone a break from having to clean, perhaps they might also like their meals to be a little easier. Order a dinner subscription box that will deliver all of the fresh ingredients they’ll need to put together a delicious dish every day.

A Class Or Course

If someone in your life has a hobby that they’d like to improve or maybe they even want to try out something new, consider paying for their enrollment in a class or course. If they like to take pictures, find a photography course. If they’re interested in art, maybe a pottery class would interest them. Maybe they’ve always wanted to play an instrument and just need a nudge to take lessons. There are lots of options out there!

Streaming Service Subscription

If you have a homebody in your life, they might like a subscription to a streaming service. You could opt for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, among many others that offer TV shows, movies, specials, and sports events.

Tickets To A Concert

Check the upcoming concert listings in your area. If you see that a favorite band is visiting sometimes soon, you might want to nab a couple of tickets for you and someone special. Your friend or loved one will surely be surprised and delighted by the gift that results in a memorable experience.

Tickets To A Play

If memorable experiences pique your interest, then you might also want to consider upcoming plays. Either opt for a Broadway hit or check out an independent theater close to home.

Gift Certificate To An Escape Room

If someone in your life likes a little challenge and adventure, then see if there’s an escape room in your area. The activity which has become popular in recent years sees participants locked in a room and presented with a fun, fictional scenario that they must escape.

Gift Certificate To Ax Throwing

For those who like to be a little more active, try giving them a gift certificate to ax throwing. Another activity that’s surged in popularity in recent years, it’s kind of like playing darts — only way more extreme.

A Membership To A Museum

If escaping fictional scenarios or throwing around sharp axes doesn’t sound like something that would interest the person in your life, then perhaps they’d appreciate something a little calmer. If you have a local museum or art gallery that offers a look at interesting exhibits, a membership might be the perfect gift.

A Donation To A Worthy Cause

Making a donation to a worthy cause is always a meaningful gift. Find out what the person in your life cares about and donate to a relevant organization in their name. They’ll surely appreciate that you did.