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2 Reasons You Still Need Staging in a Seller’s Market By

In a time with so few homes on the market, you may be asking: Do I really need to pay to stage my home?

It’s a valid question that I’ve been asked a lot recently. The answer is… yes! Yes, you still need staging in today’s market for two reasons:

The first reason is that a staged home looks better in photos. Photos are the face of your home online, and the more appealing they are, the more views your listing will receive. A new listing gets three times more views in its first week on the market than any other time after that, so first impressions really matter.

If you’re worried your listing photos won’t be up to par, a Staging Checklist from me will guide you step-by-step to prepare the home you’re living in to look sharp against the competition.

The second reason you still need staging in a seller’s market is that staging allows buyers to see themselves living in the home. The average home shopper can’t envision how an empty space could function and they can’t see past clutter and dated finishes. Whether the home you’re selling is vacant or occupied, staging uses proven methods to get a home looking as attractive as possible for photos, showings, and open houses and helps buyers see how they could move right in!

What will staging cost me?

For a vacant home, I recommend soft staging at a minimum. Soft staging typically includes decor for the entry, kitchen, a living room focal point and soft, fresh towels and counter top decor in all bathrooms. Soft staging rental costs vary by market, but generally cost $100 – $200 per month. Full staging furnishes a vacant home from floor to ceiling and you can anticipate spending 1 percent of the price of your home. Arrangements should be made for staging a vacant home well in advance of the listing photos to provide enough time for the stager to assess which rental items will benefit the home and to install the furnishings and decor deemed necessary.

Homes that are owner occupied while on the market can be staged using the owner’s furnishings and decor and by adding decor and completing improvements that the stager recommends to increase the property’s appeal. Most of the homeowners I work with spend between $500 – $2000 on staging prior to marketing their home. The staging process begins with an initial consultation anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months in advance of the home being photographed for listing.

The difference staging makes…

Staging done by homeowners using my advice

The money you’ll get in return

There’s a significant potential return for an investment in staging. Recent statistics show that staged homes typically sell for 10 to 20 percent over list price. While this value gain may not be the case for every property, consider the value of time as well. According to the Association of Home Staging Professionals, 95% of staged homes sell in an average of 11 days or less.

With staging, not only do you stand to profit more, but the risk of a slow sale or a price reduction is dramatically minimized.

Alicia Herring is an interior designer who helps Realtors and homeowners add beauty and value to the home they’re selling.
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