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3 Hot Home Decor Trends for 2019 By Bank of Colorado

In 2018, some of the most popular home decor trends included incorporating brighter, bolder floors, rose gold accents, and all the marble a house could accommodate. Although some of these trends are sticking around for 2019, some new home decor trends are also on the horizon.

One of the most commonly seen trends is adding more whimsical styling to homes. In the past, this type of design was often kept to kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, but more homeowners are now incorporating the look in other areas. Robyn Blair Davidson, a designer who earned the title of “The Most In-Demand Instagram Artist of 2018,” showcases candy-themed art that makes people happy when they look at it.

Green is also a major player in home decor for 2019, popping up in a variety of shades. From neon to teal, green is the color you need, whether you’re adding a new couch in a bold shade or incorporating more live greenery into your space.

Ornate and textured walls are showing up in homes on display this year, so look for ways to incorporate additional materials or tones. If you’re on a budget, add a painted mural to create a statement wall that will become the focal point of the room.

As you incorporate these trends into your own home, you can enjoy a hip, modern living space that becomes the perfect spot to host get-togethers.