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Here are 5 Reasons to Winterize Your Evaporative Cooler

1. Your evaporative cooler has a water supply line connected to it that needs to be winterized to protect it from bursting should there be a freeze during the winter months. Remember your high school science, it just has to reach 32 degrees for an hour before your water lines explodes and shoots water all over your house not to mention the frustration and costly repairs that follow.
2. Your evaporative cooler has metal working parts that as you know water and metal through time will rust. All through your cooler may be plastic or have a plastic liner in the reservoir section of your cooler, there are other parts such as your water circulating pump and motor that should not be left with water in a confined area without air circulating around it. Standing water will cause damage to these parts and to the cooler as a hole. Corrosion is the number one killer of evaporative coolers.
3. Standing water in your cooler for 3 to 4 months can also cause bacteria to grow on your filter media causing a health hazard to your family. The smell of mildew can spared throughout your air delivery system (your duct work or vents in the wall) or be carried by the winter winds into your home. During the winter months we have enough trouble with winter colds without adding respiratory problems to the mix. If you should have a high performance system with Celdek pads (thick cardboard like pads, 8” or 12” thick) these pads can and do collect mildew and calcium build up quickly and need to be cleaned and dried out during the winter months to insure many years use before they need to be replaced. With proper maintenance these filters should last 3 to 5 years.
4. Winterizing protective covers are a great way to keep your cooler clean during the winter months. After cleaning your system thoroughly, you should cover your cooler with some kind of protective cover. Protective covers keep winter dust from getting into the motor and air ducts so when you turn your system on in the spring you don’t get all that dust into your home. Nothing worse than starting up your cooler for summer and having a dust storm run through your house. “I just cleaned the house”. This can also help contain heat loss escaping from your cooler opening.
5. Your evaporative cooler is an investment in your home and should be maintained to insure that it is in proper working condition when it comes time for summer. Maintaining your evaporative cooler with proper startups and winterizing programs will insure many years of worry free comfort. Prolonging the life of your cooler is just a smart thing to do for you and your family. We all know that nothing last forever, but with proper care you can extend the life of many things that take care of us. Especially ones the saves us money on our utilities

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