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5 Things Home Buyers Find Important

We humans are a diverse species and each of us has our own little things we think are important, even if they aren’t important to others. Even when buying a home we are all very individual in what we want, but we can generalize on some of the things home buyers do find important according to the National Association of Realtor’s. In their 2012 Profile of Buyers and Sellers, the Association listed the most common thing buyers look for when purchasing a home. Listed below are 5 things home buyers find important.

Neighborhood – The neighborhood surrounding the property is very important to buyers. They look at the quality and closeness to their jobs. Even this important factor is very individual to each prospective buyer since location of work is obviously different and everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes quality for their lifestyle. A survey from also showed nearly 45 percent of buyers were willing to pay more for a home in areas with high ranking schools.

Affordability – The affordability of the home and it’s upkeep is more important now than ever before due to the depletion of job markets, retirement funds, and savings. Buyers are on tighter budgets and look for homes they know they can afford even if their budget tightens up a bit more. Energy efficiency factors into the affordability of the home, and according to a survey done by The National Association of Home-builders, 94 percent of buyers want energy-star rated appliances, 91 percent want the entire house energy-star rated, 89 percent want the windows energy-star rated and 88 percent want all ceiling fans to be also.

Suitability – Buyers are now looking for a home that will suit them for at least 15 years, whereas five years ago, they looked at only staying in the home for 10 years. They want the home to be suitable to however their lifestyles might alter in those 15 years. Open floor plans for entertaining and spending comfortable, quality time with friends and family, high ceilings that promote good air circulation, lots of natural light and make the home appear larger and grander…all these things contribute to the suitability of the home and how comfortable the buyer is to stay in it for more years to come.

Mortgage – Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest challenges and worries of today’s home buyers. Buyers need to be willing to consider homes below what they might qualify for in order to bump up the loan to value ratio.

Technology – Last on our list of 5 Things Home Buyers Find Important, but definitely not the least in our society, is technology. Will their cell phones work in the home? Many people have dumped the “land-line” for full-time use of their cell phone. Even their children have cell phones and it is important for the parents to be able to contact all members of the family even if they are at home. Also, internet access is greatly important as most of us now depend on the Internet for not only our news, but also our business, education, socializing, security and even entertainment. Having a home already wired and ready for connection to the rest of the world is a huge plus to home buyers.