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As the Thanksgiving season approaches, you may find yourself all caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Here is some way you can enjoy Thanksgiving as a family.

Here is how to get started.

1. Plan your feast together. Why not bring the entire family in on your feast planning? Have each family member choose a dish for the menu. They can even be put in charge of it, making a list of the supplies needed and cooking the dish when Thanksgiving day arrives.

2. Create a centerpiece together. Gather your craft supplies and natural items such as leaves, pine cones, and branches to create a harvest theme centerpiece. Let the family created centerpiece be the main attraction on your Thanksgiving day table. We plan to do these easy Pilgrim Place Settings that I posted earlier this week!

3. Write thankful lists together. Give each family member a pen and some paper. Take a few minutes to write down what you are thankful for, and then share your list with each other.

4. Volunteer to help the needy together. Choose a shelter or soup kitchen that you can volunteer at together as a family. Serve a meal, help in the kitchen, or even just drop of centerpieces or a donation for the Thanksgiving Day meal. They are sure to appreciate it!

5. Bake for your neighbors together. Spend an afternoon baking bread or cookies that you can gift to your neighbors. They will love the gesture and you will love the time you all spent together. The kids can have with fun with this easy Rice Krispies recipe!

6. Read Thanksgiving themed books together. Head to the library and check out some Thanksgiving themed books together. They have so many children’s books that reflect on the holiday to choose from! Read the books aloud or enjoy some quiet reading. Share your books with each other when done. Here’s a great one to check out. (it’s a story plus funny Thanksgiving jokes!)

7. Get one last harvest walk together. {this may depend on your weather} Take this chance before the weather turns to get out and enjoy the changing leaves. Take a nature walk together and collect a few of the colorful leaves. We don’t plan on doing any walks since winter has shown up in full force (Michigan weather for ya). But we do plan on seeing a few movies together, go visit family and just enjoy spending time with each other.

See how simple it can be to enjoy Thanksgiving as a family? Give these 7 ways to enjoy Thanksgiving as a family a try and see what a difference they make in your holiday!