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9 Grown-Up Things Every New Homeowner Should Have By

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Dean Mitchell

Congratulations on buying your new home! You survived the hardest parts: making an offer, mortgage approval, the home inspection, and closing. Whew! Go ahead and take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You earned it.

But now the real fun starts: outfitting your home with everything you’d ever want and need. Of course, you do have every right to buy that neon beer sign you’ve always wanted. It’s your house, and you’ll decorate it how you want! But allow us to suggest a few more grown-up items that every well-appointed house ought to have. After all, your brand-new mortgage does mean you’ve reached peak adult status.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––

Our experts say the following items are worthy investments and will lend a touch of comfort, sophistication, and elegance to your new home.

1. Luxurious bath towels

Add some luxury to your towel selection.
Add some luxury to your towel selection.Coyuchi

Your towels looked OK in your last apartment, but it’s time to up the ante. No more mismatched sets or ragged edges.

“As an adult, it’s time to invest in some high-quality bath towels. These are something you use every day, and they should feel plush and luxurious, not like old gym towels from high school,” says Christine Stucker, founder and creative director for Stewart-Schafer, with offices in New York and Connecticut.

Check out Coyuchi’s cloud loom towels ($18 and up,, which are made with certified organic cotton and woven in the Aegean region of Turkey.

2. High-quality mattress

Now's the time to invest in a quality mattress.
Now’s the time to invest in a quality

Sleeping on any old mattress won’t cut it in your new home. A supportive, comfortable mattress can help you get a good night’s sleep and make you more productive during the day.

“Your bed is of the utmost importance. You spend almost half your life in bed. This luxurious, high-quality mattress checks all the boxes,” says Stucker. “We use Parachute’s feather bed; it’s heavenly.”

The mattress from Parachute ($1,299 and up, finds the balance between soft and firm and is constructed of layers of pure New Zealand wool, organic cotton, and pocketed steel coils hand-tufted together.

3. Bamboo silk sheets

These bamboo sheets come in lots of different colors.
These bamboo sheets come in lots of different

With a deluxe mattress on your list, you’ll also need to ditch those decades-old sheets for something more elegant.

“Your bed is one of the most important places in your home, and high-quality sheets are absolutely necessary,” says Stucker. “Cariloha’s thermal-regulating sheets will help you get a good night’s sleep and are by far the softest sheets I have ever laid on.”

The sheets are made of viscose from bamboo and have a sleek sateen finish with advanced box-stitch seams. They are softer than high-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, are 3 degrees cooler than nonbamboo fabrics, have odor- and allergy-resistant properties, and are environmentally sustainable. ($239,

4. Pretty dinnerware set

No mismatched dinnerware here.
No mismatched dinnerware

Mismatched plates, cups, and cutlery were part of your old life. A new home means you have more space to hold extravagant (and socially distanced) gatherings and dinner parties. And you definitely don’t want to be entertaining with paper plates, either.

“Chic, well-made serveware is a must,” says Nicole Palczynski, designer and founder of Vein Design in Los Angeles. She recommends a set of handmade ceramics ($262.50, from Montes Doggett, a North Carolina–based company that believes in fair trade and celebrates the inherent beauty and craftsmanship of pottery.

5. Meaningful artwork

Source art that has a story behind it.
Source art that has a story behind it.Tappan Collective

After moving into a new place, you’ll notice the walls are glaringly bare. Add some life and character to your abode with artwork from talented emerging artists.

“Artwork brings spaces to life and helps curate your unique story,” says Palczynski. “Pro tip: Layering mediums into your collection creates awesome depth and tactile interest to your spaces. Tappan Collective curates a wide breadth of price points and mediums so you can create depth and visual interest in your new space.”

We love the Morocco pastels series ($350 and up, that celebrates the design of cities in North Africa, such as Marrakech. 

6. Unique serving bowls

Make a statement with a stoneware serving bowl.
Make a statement with a stoneware serving

Beautifully designed serving bowls can add a statement to your home and showcase any food or items placed in them.

“Wren Pottery makes elegant one-of-a-kind, wheel-throw stoneware,” says Stucker.

The company’s large wildflower stoneware serving bowl ($125, features bamboo brushwork of cobalt blue wildflowers and bees.

7. Fancy vent cover

An intricate vent cover is big on details.
An intricate vent cover is big on

A decorative vent cover can add an extra special detail to further beautify your home.

“One by one, invest in items around your home that make every detail seem thoughtful,” says Palczynski. “The wide range of vent covers from aptly named Vent + Cover add sophistication to a location many people tend to overlook.”

These vent covers ($33.95, come in different sizes and designs in resin, metal, or wood for your floor, wall, and ceiling.

8. Scented candles

Create your signature scent with candles.
Create your signature scent with candles.Mar Mar Los Angeles

Set the mood of your home with a hand-poured scented candle made from natural ingredients like coconut wax and a cotton wick. Whether it’s something sweet, fruity, musky, or beachy, there’s a candle that’s right for you.

Our pick is the Moon Beach candle ($46, from Mar Mar, a small company in Los Angeles.

Mar Mar’s candles “are meant to evoke ‘future memories’—a potent mix of past experience and hopes for what’s to come,” according to the company. 

Sounds like just the thing for a new homeowner.

9. Linen napkins

No more paper towels!
No more paper towels!

Linen napkins add a touch of luxury to your dining experience and as well as a splash of color to your table.

“Every homeowner needs linen napkins,” says Palczynski. “The colorful selections from Gjusta Goods were designed for daily use at their sister restaurants and are sturdy, soft, and as groovy as Venice itself.”

These napkins come in a set of six ($70, with contrast stitching. The napkins come in a choice of seven colors and can be machine-washed.

Anayat Durrani is a freelance education reporter for U.S. News and World Report. Her work has been featured in Military Officer, California Lawyer, the American Scholar, and PracticeLink magazines, among many others.