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Are you winterized?

Are you winterized?

1. Snow Tires–All weather tires do not cut it in this valley! Believe me, I thought I was cool driving up a rural road in my all weather tires until I got stuck in a ditch in 2 feet of snow. This will take hours the first Saturday after it snows so get it done now! It still might take hours so have a plan for the wait!

2. Chimney sweep and wood stash. There is nothing better than a wood burning stove! Hopefully you have one. How is your wood pile doing? Are you going to bring it in by the armful or do you have a wagon or a caddy? Do you need one of those iron rail stackers next to your house to stack it up? Just thinking about wood piles makes me want to look at Pinterest!

3. Vehicles covered! If we know our neighbors, chances are you’ve got 4 wheelers and a boat sitting outside on your driveway/lawn/field. At least secure a tarp over these. Don’t forget to service all of these. Nothing is worse than a 4 wheeler out of gas besides one that won’t run. Don’t struggle with your toys, get ’em ready!

4. Wardrobe swap. Put away all your tank tops and swimwear in your Lake Powell vacation drawer and get your sweaters out of the cedar closet. Have enough long underwear and all the gear you will need for skiing/snowboarding/snowmobiling/snow shoeing/cross country skiing? There is nothing worse than not having the right winter gear when the fresh powder falls! Same goes for gear. Not going to need your paddleboard and its probably time to decide what to do with your bike. While you’re trying to figure out what to do with those, look for your snowshoes and check over your boots. Now you can start your letter to Santa…. Dear Santa, I want boot socks, gloves, goggles… jk! I’m good with the old ones.

5. You already winterized your sprinkler system and swamp cooler but did you double check all your hoses and winterize the water heater in your camper? Don’t be sorry double check! What if your hose is still attached? Use a heating pad to warm it up.

6. What about your pets’ frozen water? Do you have a heating pan to put under your chicken’s water? Do you have a heater in your water trough for your trail pony/pack donkey or are you going with the pick-axe method?

7. Plastic over windows. Don’t be ashamed! Inefficient heating is more embarrassing than plastic over your windows!

8. Plan for snow days. How are you going to get out of your driveway? Do you have a scraper in your car? Are you going to 4 wheel plow yourself out? Put the attachment on now. Are you going to use a snowblower? Make sure its in working order. Need a professional? Snow plow services abound around here. Save yourself the time and hassle. Or locate your shovel and start going to bed at 7:30. Chamomile tea on hand?

9. Patio furniture. Cover it, put it in the basement, decide if you really want it next year. While you are crawling through your shed/basement get rid of everything summer time you didn’t use.

10. Bring in your annuals and decide where they go in your decor. The best part of the day after Thanksgiving is the decorating. Can’t wait for the lazy days of pjs on the couch drinking hot chocolate and looking at properties on the Cheryl&Co website.