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5 Safety Tips to Remove Snow and Ice this Winter

By Realty Times Winter is coming and with it comes the snow and ice that many homeowners need to clear from their properties. Both snow and ice can create a safety hazard leading up to your home. This is particularly problematic, not on...

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Ten Mistakes That Will Keep Your Home From Selling

By Realty Times Staff When you're selling your home, you need every advantage you can get. And there are few homes that are magically market ready without a little help. If your home needs a touch more than a little help, it's time to g...

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A New Home…Without Moving!

By Ellie Taylor Research suggests that the average person will move over 11 times during their lifetime. Whilst moving is exciting, it’s expensive and can be very stressful. What if there was some way to get that ‘new home’ buz...

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Negotiating Tip 97: Concession Strategies

By John Hamilton How you give can make a world of difference.Anyone who thinks that they can negotiate successfully without giving something up or making a concession is either fooling themselves or negotiating with someone who is amazi...

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