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Parachute/Battlement Mesa, CO

Parachute, CO and Battlement Mesa, CO Driving west on I-70 with Rifle in your rearview, halfway to Grand Junction you will come to Parachute and Battlement Mesa, across the river. Where the Colorado River meets Parachute Creek, 1100 pe...

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A new meaning for ‘too big to fail’

By: Pat Dalrymple |Post Independent|Monday March 13, 2017 A few weeks ago, the administration hosted a conclave for business bigwigs and bankers. One of the prominent personages at the conclave was Jamie Dimon, chairman of JP Morgan-Chase...

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8 Dating Rules That Apply to Real Estate

Your clients are looking for a home to fall in love with, so here’s how to perfect your matchmaking skills and help them find the one. FEBRUARY 2017 | BY MARY MCINTOSH So much of our lives are online nowadays. Our social lives happen in...

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