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How To Perfect The Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

By Realty Times The farmhouse style has been popular for ages due to its simplicity, functionality, and comfort. It’s one of the home design trends that transcend time. Some details may evolve, but its core elements, like coziness and...

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Mattress Money

By David Reed You’re probably aware but if you’re not, lenders will typically need to verify pretty much everything on a loan application. If it’s printed on the application, it will need to be verified via third party sources. An...

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Housing Prices Continue to Squeeze Budgets

By Realty Times For people living paycheck-to-paycheck, which is a growing percentage of people, housing is not only their most significant expense, but it’s continuing to put a tight squeeze on their budgets. This past summer, the...

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Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

By Johnny Mo As a real estate agent, you’ve heard that video is the way of the future of lead generation. Becoming an expert, a local celebrity, is an effective way to draw in new clients. People who know you from seeing your face wil...

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