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2017 CAR Conference and Expo

The CAR 2017 Fall Conference and Expo is around the corner Oct. 4-6. The advice is to wear practical shoes to walk around, but a formal wear ensemble for the inaugural dinner. You will need a large bag, because recommended items to pack...

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Equifax breach and the Real Estate market

In light of the Equifax breach, the Post Independent published a comprehensive guide for steps to secure your information.  Despite following all the steps, the fact remains that 143 million people had data compromised and the raw material for...

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Big Data Small Towns

Can a real estate firm that focuses on small towns use big data? The biggest promise of big data is targeted advertising.  Have you ever wondered about targeting your advertising to different lifestyle groups, because in the end, with the ...

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Cheryl & Co is on Flickr

Enjoy Cheryl&Co's Flickr Album! This album consists of Cheryl&Cos listings. You will be able to get a feel for the variety of properties we list. Commerical lots, vacant land waiting for you to build, single family homes, and ranchettes. Fall i...

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Parachute/Battlement Mesa, CO

Parachute, CO and Battlement Mesa, CO Driving west on I-70 with Rifle in your rearview, halfway to Grand Junction you will come to Parachute and Battlement Mesa, across the river. Where the Colorado River meets Parachute Creek, 1100 pe...

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New Castle, Colorado

Welcome to the  Cheryl&Co information booklet about New Castle, Colorado.  New Castle is a haven for families, outdoor enthusiasts and retirees.  The Colorow hiking trails, new mountain bike trails, and roads that lead to the wilderne...

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