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What is an Escalation Clause?

By Realty Times With the limited inventory of homes, low interest rates, and generally competitive market in housing, the idea of an escalation clause is particularly relevant right now. Below, we cover what escalation clauses are and w...

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Real Estate Market News You Need to Know

By Realty Times If there’s been one surprise during the pandemic, it’s the real estate market. The market took a steep dive in March 2020 as the pandemic made home viewings nearly impossible. The market rebounded a few months lat...

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4 Major Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs

By Realty Times Are you planning to move out to a new home soon? The idea of getting into a new environment is exciting, especially if you just bought an apartment or your first house. Of course, searching for and finalizing the purchas...

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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

By Glass Guru A remodeling project is an excellent way to learn a new skill, increase property values, or breathe new life into your home. But every home improvement project has a price.  So, how much does the average bathroom r...

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