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Do Renters Still Want to Own a Home? Survey says Yes.

According to the 2013 National Housing Pulse Survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, renters are now showing an even stronger desire to own over renting. They still see the benefits and right now, with housing prices still rel...

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Responsible Buying: Real Estate Skills

Buying Skills for The Average Buyer Tips on how to sell a home during every economical high and low are abundant, but what about buying? The real estate and loan market is always adapting to current economies. Real Estate buying skills need...

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Cut through the confusion: HUD home, or UBC? Modular, manufactured, mobile home, HUD, UBC….these terms seem to get a bit confusing for buyers. We all know what a mobile home is since they have been around as long as most of us have been aliv...

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Garfield County, Colorado Upcoming Events

Summer is all about events and here in Garfield County we have upcoming events you might not want to miss, so be sure to mark them on your calendar. These are just a few to wet your whistle because we like to keep busy and there will be plenty ...

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Colorado Will Add 80 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

In July, Colorado will be adding 80 compressed natural gas vehicles to the State Fleet. Colorado purchased CNG vehicles in the 1980’s but only had 25 of the vehicles up until 2006. In 2011 an effort was launched by Colorado Governor John H...

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Garfield County, CO Housing Market Reports

April 2013 Strongest Month; Up 72% from April 2012 The housing market in Garfield County turned out some great numbers for April 2013. According to the Garfield County Market Analysis, April was the strongest month not only in dollars but...

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Sellers are Once Again In A Good Position

As Buyers Are Actively Searching For Homes A survey by Harris Interactive shows buying and selling might be a different game now compared to the last years’ status. Due to the drop in houses now available, offers for many properties are risi...

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Green Housing Market Growing

Green Housing Raises Resale Potentials We call it “Green” but in reality some building concepts we call Green are not only practical but often born from ways of old. Conserving water was practiced on most homesteads, and today’s Green bu...

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