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Children’s bedroom ideas and tips

By Realty Times

As we know, children can be extremely indecisive, and this can be difficult when it comes to redecorating their own little living space. The best part about a children’s room is that there is no particular trend that must be followed. If your home is predominantly modern and minimal, your child’s bedroom can be far from that! After all, the room will be overwhelmed with toys, (and mess!) as that’s what being a kid is all about. If the dreaded, yet creative, time has come to revamp your child’s bedroom, then not to worry, we are here to give you some children’s bedroom ideas and top tips! 

Ask your child’s opinion  

First things first. It is always best to gauge an idea of how your child wants their bedroom to look. This comes down to colour schemes, themes, and ensuring that they are happy with the chosen style of their bedroom. If you take the design and renovation completely under your control, an indecisive and unhappy child may whine and complain. After all, the room should reflect their personality and be full of fun! Although you may love the style of a modernised grey design style, this is probably not very appropriate for your child’s bedroom, but if you did want to incorporate grey walls or a grey rug, this could certainly be featured as long as there is a clear balance between your ideas and your child’s.  

Ensure that there is an adequate amount of storage 

Storage space is a huge priority for a children’s bedroom. They (and you!) need an adequate amount of space for them to store their toys, clothes, shoes, bedding, and any other belongings that fill their bedroom area. A top children’s bedroom idea is to have a variety of storage options that make some belongings accessible, and others, not so much. Invest in a tall chest of sturdy drawers for clothes. Due to the weight of the drawers, it will not be so easy for them to get into their clothes, pull them out, and make a mess! However, invest in small floor storage boxes or an ottoman for toys and books as these will be very accessible for kids to play with when they need them. It’s important to not get too caught up in the mess of a child’s room. Let them away with it! It’s the one room in your home that is guaranteed not to be immaculate, and that’s okay! 

Wall mount their TV  

What child doesn’t love some TV entertainment? That’s why having a TV in your kid’s bedroom is an awesome idea. As there is a lot of speculation about TV content and the positive and negative impact it has on children, it is important to regulate their viewing hours, but not rule out TV completely. Not only is it a fantastic form of entertainment to keep your child occupied, but it also provides educational benefits. Wall mounting your child’s TV is the best option. Try to avoid placing it on a unit or chest of drawers as this could result in damage to the TV or the child. Wall mounting is always the safer option and it utilises wall space meaning that there is more space available on the floor or surfaces. Always have a professional wall mount your TV to avoid damage and ensure accuracy. Click here for TV wall mounting services.  

Incorporate their hobbies and interests 

Whatever your child’s interest may be, be sure to incorporate this into their living space. Believe it or not, their bedroom could be the beginning of them expressing themself, especially if they are on the younger side. Incorporating their hobbies doesn’t need to be excessive either. If your child takes an interest in football, you could have a football-related canvas on their wall, bedsheets, and throw cushions. However, if you can, avoid infusing their interests into more permanent room features such as the bed itself, floor, and walls. For example, football wallpaper. A child’s mind, perceptions, and interests change constantly and before you know it, they could take a disinterest in their current hobby with the click of a finger. By incorporating this into the decorative aspect of the room, it can be easily replaced.  

Comfort is key 

You want to ensure that your child’s room is full of comfort and feels homely. Try to avoid a bare and open-looking room as this will lack comfortability and look empty. A children’s bedroom idea to make the room warm and snug involves adding features such as large cushions, throws, teddy bears and other soft toys, and perhaps a large rug in the centre of the room. A canopy over the bed or even some small fairy lights around the room will keep it looking cosy. The other perk of a comfortable room is that your child may be prone to falling asleep faster and encouraged to go to their bed earlier. It’s a win-win!