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Easy Fourth of July Entertaining Ideas By HGTV

This Independence Day try using red, white and blue in new, unexpected ways to create an American summer soiree. Consider these entertaining ideas to make your gathering both patriotic and practical.

Red, White and Blue Refreshments

Think of cold beverages as a decorating opportunity. Chill berry-flavored bottled juices or sodas in metal tubs filled with ice; you’ll not only keep guests cool but also sneak in a few extra red, white and blue touches to carry the party’s patriotic theme.

Sun Supplies Station

With the harsh summer heat and intense rays of the sun in full effect, it’s important your Fourth of July guests remain hydrated and UV-protected. Keep outdoor essentials nearby with a supply station stylishly stocked with rolled towels, sunblock and ice-cold water.

Patriotic Picnic

Add a little romance to your Independence Day with a red, white and blue picnic. For a true designer look, introduce a mixture of patterns and textures through floor pillows, toss pillows and blankets. To delineate a portion of your picnic area as a serving space, layer a contrasting bath mat or small area rug in the center, then utilize the surrounding space for lounging.

Sparkling Favors

Instantly turn sparklers into placeholders or party favors with ribbon and paper tags. Once the sparklers are removed from their packaging, bunch them up, then tie them together with red, white and blue ribbon. Before tying and curling the ribbon ends with scissors, slide a hole-punched paper tag through one of the strands with your guests’ names proudly on display.

Tasty Popsicles

“Popsicles for splinters. If a child has a splinter they can numb it with the popsicle. It tints the splinter so it shows up better, then [a] parent can gently remove it with a [set of] tweezers.” -Facebook fan Dawn Marie Bowers Chentfant.

Flameless Party Crackers

Kids and adults alike will love playing with party crackers filled with their favorite treats. Make your own using toilet paper tubes, glue and crepe paper.

Modern Patriotism

Who says Fourth of July decorating has to be all stars and stripes? Give your Independence Day decor a modern update by introducing red, white and blue through modern graphic patterns.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Add festive color to water with fruit ice cubes. To make, add strawberries and blueberries to an ice cube tray, add water and place in the freezer.

Festive Cutlery

Wrap silverware in classic red bandanas tied with twine to bring an Americana theme to your table setting.

Mixing Patterns

Add layers to your Fourth of July tablescape by mixing patterns in patriotic colors. To keep the different prints from looking too busy, be sure to introduce one large-, one medium- and one small-scale print through linens and serve ware.

Outdoor Ring Toss Game

Give your guests something interactive and enjoyable to do. Set up a DIY ring toss game, and give a prize for the winner to take home with them.

GET THE INSTRUCTIONS: How to Make a Ring-Toss Game

Easy Shaker

Give guests fun shakers to celebrate America. To make, cut red, white and blue crepe paper and attach to a 12-inch dowel rod with tape or hot glue.

Popcorn Bar

Fill a table with freshly popped corn and mix-ins. We included popcorn spices, cheese crackers and chocolate candies and placed easty-to-tote popcorn bags so guests could eat while enjoying the party.

Patriotic Popcorn

To add a festive touch, we added bandanas to the buckets of popcorn.

Fireworks for Guests

Make your placeholders useful, fun and interactive with poppers. Simply wrap the packaging with natural twine, then add a paper tag. Guests will not only know where to be seated, but they’ll each have their own supplies to kick off firework festivities.

Festive Cake Sparklers

Make a spectacle of your dessert presentation with cake sparklers. Keep in mind that safety is first; only use if your outdoor entertaining takes place in a wide open area.

Ombre Party Linens

Give your plain white placemats and napkins a modern and patriotic update. Dip-dye using red- and blue-colored dye for a stylish look that can be used all summer long.

Festive Dessert Basket

Easily serve your dessert outdoors in a simple basket decorated for the Fourth. Place floral foam in the basket to serve sweets on sticks, which can double as a table centerpiece.

Floral Design

If you’re throwing your party in a backyard, give it a garden theme while showing your patriotism. Mix oversized floral patterns with more contemporary patterns in red, white and blue. Photo courtesy of Hen House Linens

Tablecloth Photo Backdrop

For an easy and budget-friendly photo backdrop idea, cut strips from red, white and blue plastic tablecloths, and tie to PVC piping in layers. Provide fun props from the dollar store so guests can take fun photos.