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Garfield County Real Estate Market This Weeks “Toby’s Choice”

Founder and CEO of the Real Estate Marketing Insider, Tobias Nergarden, names one market each week as “Toby’s Choice”. This title recognizes the best real estate markets in the country. And this week, Garfield County, Colorado has earned this title.

Sales figures from May 2013 were featured in a July 10 report published by The Aspen Business Journal. As per The Aspen Business Journal, sales and dollar volume in May 2013 peaked with 118 real estate sales in May and a sales volume of $41.22 million. The city of Rifle had the largest sales volume for a total of $14.3 million.

“Garfield County’s sales numbers and dollar volumes are inspiring, and show promise of growth in the future. The perks of being a Garfield County resident are many. Residents are close to countless luxury ski resorts, without having to pay resort-town property costs. They enjoy beautiful views and outdoor recreation opportunities, and some of the best year-round weather in the country. Realtors who hold property listings in Garfield County will find that the properties are easy to market and will sell at competitive prices”, Mr. Nergarden said.

Good job Garfield County! But then, we already knew we were great!