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Getting your garden ready for a home viewing: A checklist

By Realty Time

Whether you’re staging your home for an open house or inviting an interested buyer to your house, there’s a lot to consider before securing a sale. And with working from home becoming more common, the garden has seen a huge surge in popularity, usually topping the list on many potential buyer lists. 

So, how are you going to woo those people, inside and outside of the house? Here’s a checklist of things to make sure you do to your garden before that all-important viewing. 

Have you decluttered your garden space?

This is an absolute must and helps you to better plan out what to do with the space at your disposal. No one is suggesting a complete upheaval of your garden, but it’s easy to become complacent and not see the less attractive qualities of your garden. A good declutter helps you to set the stage for the next steps. 

Have you checked the privacy of your garden? 

No one wants to sit and relax in their garden and discover that the entire street has a front row seat to their back yard. Make sure that you’re covering key social areas of the garden space with fencing or a gazebo for a little added style and privacy. 

It’s also wise to invest in some fast-growing plantation that’ll help to obscure the view of nosy neighbors. Buying a thuja tree offers the garden a quick solution to this while adding more security and natural beauty to your outdoor space. 

Have you checked the tiles and paving for cracks?

Patios and paving paths can easily develop small cosmetic cracks over time that you barely notice. However, chances are that a viewer will immediately notice. Unfortunately, over time, these minor cracks will always become large ones in need of being fixed. 

Have you spruced up your parasols, gazebos, and other shade coverings? 

Don’t lose a potential buyer by overlooking the importance of a clean and healthy-looking garden. And yes, that includes the accessories and apparatus that are in the garden too. Give your coverings and decorative awnings a solid clean and check for cosmetic imperfections. 

Have you checked if the flower beds are healthy? 

You don’t want to assume anything here, as you never know what kind of people are attending this viewing. Leave nothing to chance and check the quality of the soil and the overall health of the plants

Have you hidden any old lifeless furniture and trash cans? 

It’s now time to remove that paint-chipped chair, the rusted children’s play swing, and anything else that screams ‘old and poorly cared for’. It’s also a good idea to tuck away any trash cans that may break this lovely vision of a stunning garden.

Have you added a fresh lick of paint to the fences and shed? 

Add those final finishing touches to complement and accentuate the space in the garden and make those colors pop a little more with a fresh coat of paint. You’re now ready for viewers to explore every part of your home without concerns!