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Glass Cabinet Doors : 7 Reasons They Could be a Good Idea

By Glass GuRu

Maybe you’re considering a full renovation, or you’re just wanting to change something up in the kitchen. Cabinets are a great place to start on your kitchen plans. Glass cabinet doors might be on your mind, or you’re unsure of them. In this article, we break down seven reasons why glass cabinets are a good idea. Bright and airy kitchen with dark cabinets and glass doors.

Glass Cabinet Doors Lighten Up The Space

Having all solid cabinet doors even when painted a light color can darken your kitchen. They can also make your kitchen, especially if it’s a smaller kitchen, look and feel cramped. Adding glass to all or selected cabinet doors opens up the look and feel of your kitchen. Strategically placing glass cabinet doors near windows or doors with windows can also give the illusion of a bigger space. The glass will reflect the light letting even more light pour into your room. Having your things on display seems intimidating. If the look of glass is what you love and you have double uppers, you can just add glass doors to those instead. Upgraded builder-grade cabinets with glass doors.

Add Style to Boring Cabinets 

Adding glass inserts to your cabinets will really give character and a sophisticated look to your kitchen design. If you have a standard builder-grade home, adding glass cabinet doors to your kitchen can give you a unique upgrade as well. Glass cabinet doors also add the right touch to your interior home style. You can go modern, transitional, or farmhouse style… all work well when adding glass.Chic kitchen reno with glass cabinet doors.

They Help Show Off Those Plates You Do Love 

Sometimes we just have those plates that are gorgeous, or that were passed down from us by our great aunt. They are definitely worth showing off. Adding glass into your cabinet doors, you will be able to store them and show them off in a room you use every day. Using plates as decor is also an up-and-coming trend. You can have sentimental decor as well as keep them stored safely. This can be fun if you decorate with the seasons and holidays. If you have decor you want to add to your kitchen more, incorporating decor into your shelving is fun and simple. Now your kitchen can be a fun decorating piece like the rest of your house. 

You Can Add Lighting To Your Cabinet Shelves 

Another great element you can add to glass cabinet doors is lighting. Get some light strips and hide them under your shelves and this will really wow and awe you during the evening. This added with some lamps can warm up your sunset time. This will also help show off your decor in the cabinets even when the lights go out. This will also elevate your design and really take it up a notch or two. Adding lights will also brighten up the cabinets and space even more and help keep that open and airy feel.A pretty pink kitchen with frosted glass cabinet doors.

Glass Cabinet Doors are Customizable 

Here is where the glass part can get really fun. The glass itself can be customizable to fit your wants and needs. You can do a completely transparent glass and really open up your cabinets. Frosted glass is also a great idea to keep it light and airy while not necessarily showing off what is inside the cabinets. Some glass options can be tinted or colored. Selecting the color glass option is less transparent but can reflect pretty well. Sitting down with a glass expert can help you go through and even see all the options in person so you can find the perfect glass for your cabinets.Bright white kitchen with glass cabinet doors.

They Can Also Keep You Tidy 

Sometimes the best way to help you stay tidy is to decorate your space in a manner that forces you to stay tidy. Having a storage space that is viewable may kick start you into reorganizing, cleaning out, or purging some items, all in the pursuit of a much more cohesive look. At the end of the day, pick a design that works for you. So if you prefer using a method in which things are more on view, then do it. Glass cabinet doors can be that double win you’ve been looking for. It can provide the unique look of open shelving without leaving your stuff exposed to dust. Gorgeous kitchen with glass cabinet doors.

They Help Make it Easier to Find Things 

Glass cabinet doors can also help your guests locate the cup or plate they need as well. Maybe you tend to reorganize your spaces frequently.Now you can avoid the continuous questions from others sharing the space about where common items are located. Having your kitchen items viewable to guests can be a relief, allowing them to them to feel more comfortable in your home. It  can help you better focus on hosting your guests as well. Now your teen’s friends can grab that cup for their water and you can continue doing whatever you need to do uninterrupted. This will allow your guests to feel comfortable in your kitchen and less burdensome because they are continuously  for asking you where something is.

Doubling-Down on Glass in the Kitchen or Display Cabinets

If you are going for that really airy feel in specific kitchen cabinets or other display cabinets in your home, consider adding both doors with glass inserts as well as glass shelving within the cabinet. You can even mix and match the glass, electing to use different glass in the doors vs. the shelves for a very unique look. If you have accessory lighting within the cabinet, glass shelves allow the light to permeate the shelves, illuminating all of your decorative items within. 

If glass cabinet doors are something you’ve been dreaming about, contact your neighborhood glass experts. With The Glass Guru, we’re all about helping you learn and find the perfect option for your home project.