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Does Your Home Listing Appeal to Buyers?

Remember Why You Bought Your Home

Does your home listing appeal to buyers? Have you listed the little, hidden amenities that appealed to you when you bought? Or have you only mentioned the things you think will appeal to every other buyer?

What a buyer wants and what a seller thinks the buyer wants are sometimes two different things. Sellers and even their agents get hooked on the idea certain aspects of a home are what a seller is looking for. Understandable when only comparing averages. But these averages are determined by the use of polls. Polls, while handy, can not begin to show a complete picture of the human nature, or the wants of every individual. And your buyer will be that one individual out of hundreds who will find reasons they want this one property, just as you did.

Every home has little nuances and special features that make it unique. Otherwise, no one would have purchased it to begin with. Even if the home was recently built, then the property/lot had features which appealed.

When listing your home, try to think back to what made you buy, instead of the reasons you are selling. Remember the moment you walked through and made the final decision to sign the contract. Was it the large amount of storage? Or the way the porch was angled exactly right to enjoy the sunset? Was it the way the bedroom window would let the moon shine just right over your bed? Or your neighbors house was situated perfectly to give you both a sense of privacy? Was it how easy it was to get into town or work, or to the kid’s school? Maybe the utility bills showed a house that was energy efficient, or the back door to the kitchen from the garage made it easy to carry in loads of groceries. Maybe the property had never been doused with weed chemicals or fertilizers and this made your green heart sing with joy. Or the way the deer hung out on the lawn and barely noticed you as you drove up to view the house gave you a sense of tranquility.

All these little things may not seem to be important when listing your house to sell, but they were important when you bought. You have to remember you are out to convince another buyer why they must have your home as you move on to a new phase in your life. Your listing description is the first pitch a potential buyer will see, which means you need to add some of the little details in with the fundamentals.

Let your sales agent know you want these little things included, storage, views, proximity, ease, tranquility…they might be your selling point. Your agent doesn’t have this intimate knowledge of your home without your input, they only know what market amenities they see as your seller. They might have no idea what appealed to you…the last person who bought the property. Giving an insight on what made you buy your home, will help your agent bring the right people to the table.