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Hot Home Decor Features That Won’t Age Well: 4 Trends That Lack Staying Power – By Whitney Coy

Half the fun of renovating a house or refreshing your home’s interiors is getting to incorporate all those trendy home decor features you’ve seen plastered on Pinterest, Instagram, and in your favorite shelter magazines. Scroll through, and you’re bound to catch on to the colors, patterns, finishes, and features that have skyrocketed in popularity in the last handful of years.

But here’s the thing about buzzy trends: They don’t stay buzzy forever. So unless you’re cool with taking on big remodeling projects every few years, you’d be well advised not to fill your home with the faddiest of fads.

Here are some trends you might want to consider staying away from—especially if you’re planning on selling within the next few years.

1. Gray on gray interiors

Photo by deVOL Kitchens

There’s something soothing about a gray interior—and there’s no denying that gray-on-gray has been a hot decor choice for a few years now. But Debbie Koch, regional design studio manager for Residential Design Services, a subsidiary of Select Interior Concepts in Anaheim, CA, says committing to a predominantly gray interior is not a smart move.

“It seems we are nearing the end of this trend—we’re seeing more warm undertones for interiors,” she explains. If you just can’t let go of your love for all things gray, try using warmer colors for the walls and floors, and incorporating smaller touches of gray through furniture and throw rugs that can easily be changed out.

2. Pattern flooring

Photo by LUXE Remodeling
There’s nothing like a bold floor pattern to make a room feel like your own. But after a time, boldness can become annoying. And there’s always a chance that potential buyers will cringe.

Koch says that if you really love patterned flooring, you don’t have to do without—just keep it at a minimum. She recommends limiting bolder flooring experiments to smaller areas, like the bathroom or the laundry room.

3. Man-made outdoor elements

Photo by Sketch Building Design

To some homeowners, never having to mow the lawn or repaint a fence sounds divine. Promises of environmentally friendly, low-maintenance living have made trends like artificial grass and vinyl or composite fencing popular. But Kobi Karp, principal of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design in Miami, warns against opting for them if you’re thinking about the long haul.

“These types of materials are generally not sustainable or resilient, and are not made to last. They will have to be replaced, and they don’t appeal to everyone,” he says.

Instead, Karp recommends working with what you have. “A good alternative is using natural grass, stones, and light wood to augment the natural environment and create a beautiful, green oasis surrounding the home.”

4. Textured or faux wall finishes

Photo by Cantoni
Who wants boring old walls these days? Faux and textured wall finishes have been all the rage in recent years, letting you use simple techniques to transform your basic walls into something else entirely. But Sacha Ferrandi, founder and principal of Texas Hard Money and Source Capital Funding, says you should think twice before you take the plunge into highly textured surfaces.

“While they can make a home look modern or glamorous, it is important to remember that what is considered modern and glamorous now may quickly become outdated in the future.”

Plus, it’s important to remember that while some of those fun finishes can be applied more easily than you’d imagine, taking them down is likely to be quite a challenge.

Whitney Coy is a freelance writer and editor living in Lancaster, Ohio. Her work can also be seen on SheKnows, Mashed, The List, Techwalla, and more.