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How Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Working? By Realty Times

Everyone who emails has one. The question is “Are we planning, strategizing, researching and executing effectively?” If we are not, that means our campaign is being implemented with insufficient forethought, as we wing our way through internet (email) communications. The effort deserves better.

Many times we are tempted to gain the attention of others by exploiting Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. While they can be excellent, be aware of the fact that your most valuable marketing asset is YOUR OWN EMAIL LIST! Remember the words of Hubspot’s CEO… “The Currency of the Future is your Database!”

Be an enthusiastic student of marketing options, especially what you can do online today. New online strategies continue to emerge broadening our horizons and stretching our thinking. Some suggestions: Try new tactics; Monitor results; Track trends; Stay on the leading edge; Commit to execute; Make it a robust profit center!

You may need a coach to achieve the above, which is fine, in fact, advisable. Find the leadership you need then develop a plan and make it happen (contact us for recommendations). Here are some tips from some of the experts out there which can be helpful…

Best Email Marketing Distribution Times

1. 10 AM – A popular late-morning sending time as many people are taking a short break from their routine day.
2. 8 PM until midnight – Your prospects usually check their email before retiring for the evening.
3. 2 PM – Also a good time to send emails, as many will be taking a mid-afternoon break soon after.
4. 6AM – Lots of people check their emails when they wake up.

The Five Biggest Challenges B2B Marketers Face Today

1. Developing and implementing new marketing strategies.
2. Dealing with heightened competition.
3. Creating exceptional customer experiences.
4. Managing the stress and demands of economic uncertainty.
5. Quantitatively computing your ROI from each strategy

Five Ways Marketing Executives Measure Content Performance

1. Engagement – Clicks, shares, comments, mentions (36%)
2. Efficiency – Cost savings on customer support calls (18%)
3. Inbound – Time spent on website (18%)
4. Conversion – downloads, direct sales, campaign commitments (17%)
5. Reach –  Likes, views, etc. (11%)

Eight Things You Can Use To Make Your Content More Compelling

1. Statistics of interest
2. Quotes from well-known people
3. Definitions of key terms
4. Anecdotes – short, illustrative stories
5. Examples and quotations from readers and experts
6. References from other media like film, tv, radio
7. Mention of local venues and events (in regional or local publications)
8. Helpful tools, resources or products

Seven Rules to follow when collecting and using Marketing Data

1. People should know what data you are collecting on them and why.
2. Use Data on them only in ways people believed you were going to use it.
3. Only relevant data should be collected.
4. Data should be accurate and regularly updated.
5. Retain data as long as necessary, but no longer.
6. Keep data secure and confidential.
7. Prove you are complying with these guidelines

Hopefully, these ideas will prove helpful to you in establishing an advanced online marketing presence. Be certain to monitor results on all fronts so that it will help you know where you get your best results, which can multiply effectiveness going forward.