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How Kitchen Remodeling Elevates Your Home’s Value

By Realty Times

Home buyers are willing to invest more in well-kept projects with modern upgrades than ones that need a whole spin. If you want to fetch the highest returns from selling your home, it’s time to consider making some kitchen upgrades. 

Why Kitchen Remodelling Increases Property Value

“Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes” is a well-known statement in the real estate world. That’s because these are often the most-used spaces of a home, and buyers are generally more concerned about the condition of these two spaces when considering investing in a property. 

Many real estate agents believe kitchen renovations fetch the highest returns than home improvement projects. And why not? The kitchen is the heart of any home. Therefore, it pays to augment its visual appeal and functionality. 

The end goal of any kitchen remodelling project should be to leave your kitchen looking more polished and well-maintained. There are many ways to do this. From incorporating high-end features and switching up the colour schemes to installing fixtures, you could do any or all of them, depending on the state of your old kitchen and your budget. 

With that in mind, here are some kitchen remodelling tips that will get your home sale-ready. 

Blend the Old with the Contemporary

Depending on your overall home décor, you might not want to completely let go of the retro feel. It’s a great idea to salvage the old and infuse it with modern gadgets and fixtures.

For instance, you can retain a tall cupboard with ample storage space. Only add a touch of modernity by polishing and altering its texture. Install a heritage sink design. You can have vintage tiles and throw antique rugs for the kitchen flooring. 

Create More Space

If your budget permits, consider installing a kitchen island that is both versatile and functional. It gives a whole new dimension to your home. Consider throwing the kitchen open to create more movement space. Open spaces are attractive and serviceable. 

You can introduce floating shelves for more storage space at various levels in the kitchen. You may even uninstall the kitchen cabinetry if they are rickety and too old for repair. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen Benchtops

Benchtops are one of the most visible elements of your kitchen. Therefore, replacing your old, worn-out benchtop with a high-quality Caesarstone quartz benchtop directly reflects the home value. 

Invest in Proper Lighting 

Lights are an essential consideration in any home renovation project. More so in a kitchen. Considering the range of different tasks that we perform in a kitchen, you would want to install different types of lighting strategically to improve visibility — recessed lights, hanging lights, ceiling lights, cabinet lights, or even skylights. Make sure all your lights are energy-efficient for maximum value. The idea is to make your kitchen look as bright and functional as possible.

Update the Colour Scheme

Choose a colour palette that is compatible with your kitchen design. Avoid going for monochromatic shades or colours like black or grey; they obstruct light and can make your kitchen look sad and dull. Feel free to get experimental as long as the kitchen looks spacious, well-lit, and a happy corner to be in. 

Install Power Outlets

Old kitchens generally don’t have many power outlets. Adding smart outlets to your kitchen is a fantastic way to make it tech-ready, which greatly appeals to modern homeowners. 

Final Words

If you are looking to add the most value to your home through a renovation, start from your kitchen. Remember, even the best homes on the market fail to get a good price if their kitchen design game isn’t strong. The opposite is true as well — a great kitchen can sell an average house and fetch you a price way above your expectations.