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How to Keep Real-estate Related Digital Information Safe? By Realty Times

We are living in the year 2021 and keeping information safe on the mobile phone is difficult. I have seen many people keeping important documents like the photograph on their phones. Not only that, many people prefer keeping documents in the form of scanned copies on their mobile phones as well. This is not a great option for anyone who has sensitive data on their device. Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss how you can maintain the safety measures if you have your real-estate documents on your mobile phone.

– Avoid installing the unknown app

When you install an app and by just allowing the app to process your mobile’s information is dangerous. By allowing the information, any app can access all the data on your mobile phone. It is highly recommended to avoid apps with an apk file. Never install an app that is not listed on the Google play store. Most of the apps that are not listed on the Google play store and recommend you to download the APK file are fraudulent.

– Avoid visiting the spammy website

By clicking on the spammy website links may you end up downloading different kinds of files and this file might be really dangerous. This happens many times when you want to download any movie or a song from spammy websites. Click on the link which is fully secured with HTTPS protocol or click on only popular websites which you fully trust. Avoid all the other websites and links.

– Use a binary translator

Binary number is a great solution to convert your sensitive data into binary. It is very easy for humans to read and memorize normal text values or decimal numbers but it is next to impossible to read, understand and memorize binary numbers. So, many software programmers prefer to use binary numbers to save sensitive data and when required they convert binary to text for use.

– Avoid using Wi-fi

It is really easy for hackers to get into your phone by public wi-fi networks. If you are having any kind of sensitive data on your device then we would highly recommend avoiding using public wi-fi networks like hotel internet, restaurant, mall, and all other networks which are available for everyone.

– Secure your websites

If you own your website and the website has your personal information on that website then secure your website by HTTPS protocol. Also set privacy on the website from where you have purchased your domain. By doing this, it will prevent attackers and hackers to attack your website and steal sensitive data.

So, these are the top four points to consider if you are having any kind of sensitive information related to real estate on your mobile phone. Feel free to share your thoughts after reading this article by commenting below. We would be glad to clear your doubts regarding real-estate security.