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Important Questions About Social Media Posts!

By Michael White

More and more mortgage and real estate professionals are connecting and posting on social media. Aside from the compliance issues you need to satisfy, you do need a game plan as to how, what, and why you are posting. There are some simple things I have found in making sure you are maximizing your benefits of the social media connections you make, while at the same time, you don’t end up driving people away from reading what you are sharing.

When it comes to professional posts, keep them short, focused, and direct. Most of all, make it YOUR interpretation of what ever point you are trying to make. Simply sharing a post put together by your corporate marking department that everyone else in your company is going to share does NOT create differentiation, it makes you just like everyone else! You can share the story, just share the story in your words!

You also need to ask yourself, especially if you are sharing a video, but also if it is just text:

  • Why am I sharing this information?
  • Who will be interested in this information?
  • Why is this information helpful or hurtful?
  • Do I share a solution or benefit?
  • Am I creating a call to action where I can help?
  • What is my plan to convert interest into opportunities?

With my clients I suggest they pay close attention to their social media platforms for about 30 minutes each day, 15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening. I ask them not to share more than one or two business posts each week but be sure to comment (not just like) on other posts every day. I also ask my people to provide something of local value once a month from a local product or service provider as to help support their business at the same time they gain exposure for themselves.

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