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Local Real Estate on the Rebound

Buy Now before Prices go Up

The overall market expanded in March by about 37% for both listings and sales, and even though the year to date sales themselves were lagging behind, steady increases were seen month to month in 2014 according to information provided by Joe Carpenter at Market Trends, LLC.

Buyers need to be aware the average price of properties which sold in recent months is up. The effects of the decreasing inventory has, as predicted by Real Estate professionals, caused some shortage in available residential properties which will also affect pricing. This year is looking to be a year of stabilization and reversal of local home prices.

The rising prices will bring in more eligible sellers who are now ready to sell their homes for a price which better benefits them. Bargains can still be found, but they are becoming fewer in number so if you have been debating on buying, this Spring season would be a great place to begin.