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Open House Marketing Tips and Tools for the 21st Century Realtor

By Realty Times

So, you’re putting on an open house. Your best suit is freshly cleaned and pressed, your shoes are polished, and your business cards are neatly stacked on your desk. You’ve swept the floors, dusted the shelves and cleaned every other nook and cranny in the home. 

These preparations are an unavoidable part of the process when it comes to putting on an open house, but there’s another component that you might have neglected or overlooked entirely: marketing. 

When it comes to open houses, many real estate agents seem to be under the impression that marketing an open house begins and ends with a lawn sign or two and a handful of printed brochures. And sure; these work, but it’s safe to say you could be doing a lot more. 

If you want to secure the best chances of selling the home, you’re going to want to invest a bit more time and money into advertising. In the 21st century, marketing is an ever-expanding field with near limitless potential. Why not take advantage of those opportunities? 

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best and most innovative ways to market an open house using modern marketing tools. Let’s get into it! 

Make a digital brochure

When you think about marketing for an open house, the first thing that might come to mind is the humble brochure. Whether they’re bifold or trifold, brochures are a solid marketing tool that can be used in many different industries besides real estate. This is all well and good; but what if these handy tools were… digital? 

When you think about it, digital brochures are the logical next step in the evolution of handheld marketing materials. In today’s day and age, most people spend more time on their phones than anywhere else. If you want to reach a younger crowd, you’ll want to use this to your advantage! 

Digital brochures offer way more functionality than their antiquated print counterparts. Most brochure creation programs allow you to incorporate videos, animations and other interactive elements into your marketing materials, effortlessly increasing engagement with clients. 

Use social media ads

Another excellent way to maximize reach for your open house advertising is to use social media advertising. Unless you lead a life completely free of social media, there’s a good chance you’ve seen these before. 

One of the coolest things about social media ads is how unobtrusive they are. Unlike YouTube ads or search engine ads, sponsored social media content doesn’t interrupt the experience of the person seeing them. If they fail to look closer, your clients might even mistake them for organic posts! 

Furthermore, social media advertising is highly customizable. Considering the localized nature of an open house, you’ll want to make sure that only people in your area see your ad. With social media advertising, that’s a quick and easy task to accomplish! 

Take advantage of email marketing

In terms of return-on-investment, one of the most effective marketing tools a real estate agent can utilize is a well-planned email campaign. If you can put together a solid mailing list, you’ll be able to notify dozens or even hundreds of potential buyers with the click of a button. 

While using your email’s default interface is a lot cheaper than dedicated email marketing software, the latter option is a lot faster. When you take the value of your time into account, it’s well worth the expenditure 

With a suitable email marketing solution at your disposal, the only thing left to do is compile a mailing list. You can ask your colleagues for a few email addresses, and add more to this list by incorporating a newsletter signup field on your website and social media. 

On a final note…

With all this said, it’s worth noting that none of these tools can completely replace conventional marketing techniques. Instead, you’ll want to use these to supplement your open house marketing efforts, optimizing your effectiveness while reaching as many potential clients as possible. We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming open house!