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Pinpointing the Most Important Wants

As a prospective homebuyer, you typically have a solid idea of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’re looking for in a home, but you may overlook many other important elements. Your real estate agent can help find homes that will keep you happy for years to come by helping uncover some of the less obvious areas that you should consider.

Think about the day-to-day lifestyle that you envision in your new house. Does this lifestyle include convenient shopping trips several times a week to pick up groceries and other essentials, or is it a lifestyle of rural delights such as an expansive garden and chicken coop, complemented by biweekly trips to the market? Do you want to live near many shops and restaurants or is the nearest supermarket nearly an hour away sufficient?

How will other members of the family be enjoying the home? Are there kids who need safe sidewalks for their afternoon bike rides? Do the school-age children want easy access to the local library? Are the teenagers looking for an area with a great mall and movie theater? Do your furry ones need a park for exercise or a big yard to run in? Some people will need plenty of space to spread out, while others may prefer a cozy house with a large yard. Be sure to find a suitable space that meets everyone’s needs in your household.

Think ahead to the type of maintenance the home will need. For example, a sprawling property is best for buyers with the means to manage it. Whether this capability means having an avid interest in landscaping or adequate funds to hire a professional, it’s something you should consider. If you have a busy life and no time to tend to plants and yardwork, then maybe find something that has no yard a small yard, or that is managed by an HOA. 

You also want to take into consideration how old mechanical components are, as well as siding, windows, roofing so that you can determine what future maintenance might cost. If the home will need significant repairs in the near future you need to weigh that heavily, especially in presenting an offer. You may want to consider the purchase of a newer home or even new construction if you don’t want to worry about needy and costly repairs in the near future. Many new homes come with warranty’s from the builder and you can also purchase a home warranty for older homes as well. Your real estate agent can assist you with that. 

Thoughtful conversations like these ones with your real estate agent will help ensure you find just the right home!