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Preparing and Prioritizing for the Holidays!

My Michael White

December can be very exciting as well as frustrating; it’s really a choice. With all the holiday celebrations, completing the old year while preparing for the new one can get very complicated if you don’t take time to prepare and prioritize! 

We deal with an overcrowded social schedule, serious demands placed on our professional obligations, the end of year for our numbers, our referral partner’s numbers, and all the emotions that go with them. One of the keys to help manage and actually enjoy these last days of 2022 is at your fingertips; just prioritize and schedule the things you want and need to get done in advance, and don’t fall victim to “slipping in” additional commitments of your time and energy!

First list is the list of family and friend commitments.

  • Parties and gathering
  • Concerts
  • Traditions both old and new
  • Undivided attention
  • Celebrations

Now comes the professional obligations

  • Professional events
  • Referral partner events
  • Own company events
  • Charitable events
  • Work deadlines

You must know your limitations! Set boundaries and cutoff points of no return. Get it all on paper and stick to the timelines you have set for yourself no later than December 5th. Share your plan with your family and work accountability partner so you didn’t miss anything. Then lock it down by December 8th and go out and execute and enjoy! If it didn’t make the list after all of this, it wasn’t a big enough priority! Notice I listed the family & friend section FIRST! That is because those are the things that go into the schedule FIRST! Trust me, this really works!

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