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Cheryl&Co has been selling real estate in and around Rifle since 2007. Our main office is located here at 120 W 5th St.  When you ask Cheryl what she likes about Rifle, its the chili cookoff, or the Rifle homecoming parade, or all the events at the Fairgrounds.  When you drive through Rifle in the fall, you get to see every kind of hunting truck there is, and various gerry-rigged campers.  The number of hunting spots on public and private land is truly staggering.  The Utes loved this land, and so do the oil men.  Climbers adore Rifle Mtn Park with its variety of skill level climbs, and ice climbing in the winter.  Fisherman and boaters make the most of summer at the gap, and ice fisherman have a contest there in the winter.  The most common real estate question in Rifle is where do I park my toys, and many neighborhoods allow it.  Commercial garage spaces abound, and many people choose a rural or semi rural lifestyle to accommodate not only their stuff, but also their animals.  Horses, donkeys, goats, and chickens all find homes on the Western Slope.  You can eat produce grown less than five miles away at the various year round farmers markets. You can get your harvest mounted, and the meat professionally processed.  Buy a cow from your rancher neighbor.  Farm to table is definitely possible.  Nourished by your neighbors, you can hit the trail. Hiking, mountain biking, dirt biking, and ATV riding are extremely popular activities out here.  The property values are going to rise as word gets out and oil gets geared up.  So find your dream family home on acreage, investment property, or fix and flip today.

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