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The Most Hilarious Life ‘Fails’ You’ll Ever See By

Everybody has a bad day or does something stupid once in a while, but in the days of Instagram and Twitter, the whole world gets to laugh at your bad decisions, forever and ever. We’ve put together a glorious list of the absolutely best examples of bad critical thinking skills. Look it over and enjoy. and remember these the next time you feel like you just made the dumbest mistake of your life.

A Really Flat Screen

Ouch… Whoever did this has probably learned their lesson for life.

Bath Time with Kitty

Cats are not known for enjoying bath time. That being said, why did this guy think it was a good idea to share the bath with his cat, naked?

Hold That Pose

You look great, but unfortunately, your dinner is going to be missing a little something. When did taking pictures of food actually become more important than eating it?

I Can Finally Charge My Phone, Or Not…

Those plastic wrappers are the worse. Just looking at this, we can truly feel your pain. Guess somebody’s heading back to the store.

It’s Going Down

Sadly, we think its time to get your valuables out of there, cause that thing is not coming out. It’s a car, not a boat people, it wasn’t designed for this.

Is He a Mailman or a Comedian?

So, I guess the real question is, do you want that package enough to dismantle your mailbox for it? Was the mailman actually trying to be funny? Or did this happen by mistake?

Pumping Gas Zoolander Style

If no one ever taught you how to properly fill up your tank, please ask for help. Otherwise, it will not end well, for you or for anybody else in the vicinity.

Traveling by Van

Some people will do just about anything to save on transport costs. Hope they don’t have to brake unexpectedly…

A Small Glitch

Good job building that deck, and hey, you’ll also always have a saw around for any unexpected needs that may arise. We can’t even imagine the frustration this person must have felt when they realized what happened.

Mentos and Soda

Have you ever used YouTube before? Just don’t try it, especially on a plane. It’s like a train-wreck waiting to happen.


This does not look good. Hopefully, this story has a happy ending, which includes everyone in the vehicle getting out safely.

Construction 101

Do not put the doorknob on the side of the hinges! We hope this was a DYI project and no one was paid for this debacle.