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Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

By Johnny Mo

As a real estate agent, you’ve heard that video is the way of the future of lead generation. Becoming an expert, a local celebrity, is an effective way to draw in new clients. People who know you from seeing your face will know that they want to work with you before they’ve even met you. 

Not sure what to talk about in your videos? Here are five quick and easy ideas for video content that you can film today! 

1. Community Videos.

These videos are about the community you live in, why you live there, and the attractions available. Go on a neighborhood tour, show the most popular landmarks, or showcase parks. Nothing is off limits here, as long as it is showing off the area you live in. 

2. Business Showcase.

Promoting local businesses is a great way to connect with the community and meet new people. Ask the business owners if they can contribute coupons or discounts to customers who have seen your video. And make sure you encourage the business owners to share your video on their own social media pages! 

3. Who has the best…?

This is a great way to build engagement with the consumers. Everyone has their favorite pizza or taco joint. Ask the community who they think has the best of everything, then film them!

4. Pop Up.

This type of video is totally unscripted. You have lunch, dinner, drinks, smoothies, coffee, and breakfast every day, or several times per week. Do a quick video on it. Authentic stuff like this is powerful. 

5. Facebook Live.

This is more powerful than you can imagine. Facebook considers live video to be time-sensitive, and the algorithm will give it an initial boost. Make sure you have a good signal and something good to talk about. Also, make sure you’re on wifi, so the video is not pixelated. 

So there ya have it! 5 video ideas for real estate agents.

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Till next time,

Johnny Mo